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Comedians Katie Stone and Ella Gale give sex and dating advice to celebrities, fictional characters, historical figures, and other persons of interest. The Naughty Bitcast is the companion podcast to Naughty Bits, the only combination standup comedy and sex advice show in Austin, TX. Having successfully solved many comedians' sex conundrums, Katie and Ella have decided to generously share their wisdom with the remainder of the world.
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Apr 29, 2016

Carina Magyar joins Katie and Ella on the podcast to talk about having sex (or not) while trans. Carina coins some new words and we dive in to gender, genitals, and hormones. We discuss articles from the The Mirror, Thought Catalog, and Broadly. Also, Katie is on some fun meds!

Carina Magyar (formerly known as Maggie Criss) is one of our favorite comics in town. Her vibrant, honest material has been a constant source of surprise and delight over the past year, and you should see her at the first chance you get. Carina has been performing stand-up comedy in Austin since 2010. In 2015, she participated in Hell Yes Fest (New Orleans), the inaugural Crossroads Comedy Festival (Indianapolis), and the 10th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest (Austin).

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Hosts: @KatieStone42, @hellakale

Guest: @mllecarina

Apr 15, 2016

We talk to Micheal Foulk about portrayals of gay characters on mainstream TV, including "Will and Grace" and "Looking". We discuss what Micheal describes as the phenomenon of "palatable gays" and the lack of a middle ground in portraying queer characters.

Follow Micheal on twitter and check him out at the Greetings From Queer Mountain queer anniversary on 4/27/2016. And check him out ever Tuesday at Handbomb.

Apr 1, 2016

Recently Ella was watching an episode of Star Trek where there are two Commander Rikers, and was disappointed to see the erotic aspect of this unusual situation adly neglected by the writers. Katie and Ella discuss: clones, alternate timeline selves (for instance, evil Willow), body doubles (Buffybot, yes we talk about Buffy again, get over it), and The Time Traveler's Wife. Our next live show is April 15th at 10:30PM at The New Movement Theater.